Source Code

PlasmaTherm Source Code

Every retrofit should offer source code as an option for these 3 reasons.

A central part of any upgrade is the software that controls the functionality of the system.

With a typical retrofit vendor the control system hardware and software are upgraded, but that is all, there is no further ability for the end user to modify the functionality of the system.  With the PlasmaTherm upgrade, Qualtx Technology offers the source code as a purchasable option for the following reasons:

1. It gives the customer full control.  With the off-the-shelf hardware and source code the customer can modify functionality of the system which allows the ability to change sequencing or the ability to integrate the process tool with other systems such as a database.

2. It gives the customer peace of mind.  In today’s world companies go out of business all the time.  When an equipment manufacturer goes out of business the customer looses because there is no way to even pay to have the system modified. Having the source code gives peace of mind because there is no longer a reliance on a third party, all modifications can be made in house.

3. It helps to future-proof the process tool.  When a process tool is new and installed that is the best the system is going to be because the company that originally sold it will move on with newer products.  Owning the source code allows the customer to modify and upgrade his own process tool, keeping it from becoming obsolete.

Qualtx Technology offers source code as a purchasable option for it’s line of PlasmaTherm upgrades.

Included with the source code purchase is the IDE – Integrated Development Environment installed on the process tool PC.  This allows software changes to be made right on the tool.  Qualtx also provides training videos on how to modify the source code.  Training videos include:

Overview Videos
The C++ Development Environment – basic overview of the coding tool.
The IO Module – Mapping the hardware to the sensors and valves on the tool.
The Functions Module – How the software talks to the hardware.
The State Machine – The core operation of the software

Modification Videos
Adding a digital input – how to add a sensor reading to the software.
Adding a digital output – how to turn on/off a valve or component.
Adding an analog input – how to read a value such as pressure or gas flow.
Adding an analog output – how to set a value such as pressure, power or gas flow.