PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade

PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade





The PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade replaces all of the proprietary IO and system software and replaces it with off-the-shelf IO hardware and new system software that runs on Windows 8.1.  Qualtx provides BatchTop software source code at an additional cost if modification of the system is desired.

The new IO modules fits nicely into the side of the frame so that the BatchTop keeps its same footprint.  The retrofit includes a new Windows based PC running the latest version of PT-View software for automatic process control of the system.

The main screen is a graphical representation of the system showing real time values of gas flow, pressure, and RF power. The system automatically displays a yellow background when the read signal is not within tolerance of the setting. For example: if the gas flow is set to 75 sccm and it is flowing at 30 sccm the screen will display a yellow background until the actual flow reaches the set value – this is to give the user a visual clue as to the state of the process.

Plasmatherm BatchTop Software


The software has several modes (Monitor, Service, Run, Recipe, and Configuration).  Monitor mode allows the operator to see the state of the system.  Service Mode allows the operator to manually open and close valves, set gas flows, power levels and pressure.  Recipe mode allows the user to create a multi-step recipe to run in Automatic mode while Configuration allows the user to configure the sizes of the MFCs, Baratron, and RF Generator power.

Below is an image of the Recipe Editor.

Reicpe Editor




















The PlasmaTherm BatchTop upgrade can be installed by Qualtx Technology onsite at your facility, or you can purchase it as a self-installation kit and install the upgrade yourself.   The cost for onsite installation in the United States (not including Alaska or Hawaii) is approximately $18,500 USD not including software source code.