• PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade

            The PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade replaces all of the proprietary IO and system software and replaces it with off-the-shelf IO hardware and new system software that runs on Windows 8.1.  Qualtx provides BatchTop software source code at an additional cost if modification of the system is desired. The new IO modules fits nicely into the side of the frame so … [Read More]

    PlasmaTherm BatchTop Upgrade
  • PlasmaTherm 790 Upgrade

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    PlasmaTherm 790 Upgrade
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    The vacuum and gas delivery systems can be machined and replaced as parts wear out keeping the process tool in use for decades. The electronics of the IO control system is another story. Once the proprietary sequencer and IO system begin to fail there is little that can be done – the plasmatherm electronics are no longer available. Qualtx Technology, Inc. has developed a replacement control … [Read More]


Retrofit & Upgrade Solutions for Plasma-Therm Systems

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Source Code

Every retrofit should offer source code as an option for these 3 reasons. A central part of any upgrade is the software that controls the … [Read More...]

Self Installation

Yes, You Can Self Install "Sed ut perspiciatis … [Read More...]

Onsite Installation

The system comes with onsite installation. Qualtx … [Read More...]